Resume tips for new graduates: 7 personalized career goal statements

Perhaps the most important part of your entire resume, the statement of career goals is a brief description that is at the top of your resume. The purpose of this description is to tell the recruiter why you are the best person for the job, or at the very least, to attract recruiters to include you for the interview.

Being the first part seen by recruiters, a career goal statement is the key to making a favorable first impression that is expected to attract interest to continue reading. Unlike previous  resume summaries that contain more information about professional work experience, career goal statements are usually used by new graduates, focusing more on academic achievement, personal attributes and internship experience.

We recommend structures with the following components:

  • First line: Highlight the academic background and work experience you have (internships and the amount of voluntary work as well).
  • Line 2: Mention your strengths related to the job you are applying for.
  • Line 3: Express the value and what drives you.

The following personalization examples have been written for those of you who want to work in Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology & Engineering.


Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Sales & Marketing from <enter name of University or college>, has completed a 6-month internship at a Volkswagen dealer. Having a natural foundation in building good and sincere relationships with people, I love working on the sales department and also overcoming the challenges it presents. I do not believe in a hard sales approach, I believe in providing valuable solutions to problems.


Graduates from enter the name of the University or college> with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing, have just completed a one-year internship. Looking for a career to apply a fresh marketing perspective and my social media skills to strengthen your online brand presence. I believe that marketing is about creating meaningful moments for consumers to get involved with the brand.

Human Resources

Graduates in the field of Human Resources from <enter the name of the University or college>, with 6 months experience as an HR intern for Ikea. A strong communicator with an energetic personality, I hope to help your HR department continue to attract and retain the best talent in the country. Understanding what drives people and inspiring them plays an important role in building employee loyalty, and that’s what I want to do.


Graduated with an accounting major from <enter the name of a university or college>, who has just completed a 9-month internship at Ernst & Young. Highly organized and driven by efficiency, I appreciate the opportunity to contribute my analytical and accounting expertise to your company. I strongly believe in continuing to improve through new systems and processes that facilitate work, not complicate it.


Graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Financial Planning from <enter name of University or college, with 9 months experience as a finance officer at HSBC. Driven to get results in detail, I look forward to the opportunity to contribute new insights to your Financial Planning team. At a time of economic instability, I believe to keep an eye on the big picture and take calculated risks to get ahead.

Information Technology

Graduated with a programming major from <enter the name of a University or college>, just completed a 12-month internship at Cisco. Eager to empower life using computational technology, I would appreciate the opportunity to apply versatile techniques and my UX design capabilities to help your company improve sales and customer service standards. The answer to most problems, I believe, lies in simplification.


Graduates of environmentally friendly development techniques from <enter name of university or college, have just completed a year-long internship with BOSCH. Wanting to play a role in creating a greener and greener future for the community, I believe that my innovative ideas and enthusiasm for environmental research and development will help your company maintain its market leadership in this region. I believe work is very meaningful if it allows us to create positive change.

And so, 7 examples of resume tips that we hope will inspire new ideas for the statement of your career goals.


Updated: August 26, 2018 — 2:48 pm

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