Skills that must be possessed by Fresh Graduate in order to work

For a fresh graduate, just relying on the GPA to find a job is not enough. The lack of work experience and expertise is the main reason why fresh graduates find it difficult to compete for jobs.

But there is no need to worry because armed with some additional skills, fresh graduates can compete enough to get a job. These skills can be capital to stand out from competitors during the recruitment process.

Additional skills can be learned self-taught. However, there are also skills that can only be mastered with teacher guidance courses. Here are some additional skills that are important for fresh graduates to quickly get to work.

Foreign language

In the current era of globalization, prospective workers are required to have foreign language skills. The second language that must be mastered after Indonesian is English. Therefore, some universities require that students achieve certain TOEFL scores before graduating.

However, if the prospective fresh workforce is able to speak more than two languages, it will get added value in the eyes of the recruiter. Some foreign languages ​​needed in the world of work today include Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic. Foreign language skills can be obtained by taking courses.


Almost all office work is done with the help of a computer. So, it is only natural if the company submits the requirements so that prospective workers who will apply for vacant positions at least master Microsoft Office.

Most candidates are usually familiar with using Microsoft Office Word. If fresh graduates want to outperform other candidates, then try taking a computer course to master other basic Microsoft Office skills such as Outlook, Power Point, and Excel.


Today, the workforce in the design field is increasingly sought after by companies. The reason is, companies need someone who can create attractive designs for the needs of advertising or information that is effective in reaching the audience. Later, the company did not just look for candidates for specific design work. The company wants employees who work in other fields to master a little design science.

Usually, students who have an interest in art, will carry out design software until they can master it self-taught. Some software that can be studied fresh graduate include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw. The rest, you have to rely on creativity.

Digital Marketing

The company has realized the importance of cyberspace to market products and services. So, the company needs prospective workers who have the ability to deal with digital marketing. Employees with special skills will get assignments such as creating digital content, taking care of social media, sites, and so on.

To improve digital marketing skills, fresh graduates can take courses or study them in self-taught from books, video tutorials, or special websites. When learning digital marketing, you must try to create your own blog and website, understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and find out how to use Google Analytics.

Data analysis

Data and numbers have no meaning without processing and analysis. Today’s companies need data analysis experts to be able to provide input and business considerations based on data.

By honing skills and understanding of mathematics, statistics, and basic logic, fresh graduates can have data analysis skills. To understand how to analyze the correct data, you should take a course class with a mentor and avoid self-taught learning.

Graduating from college does not mean you can stop studying. After college, you instead have to add various skills to support future work. This additional skill will make your CV with a minimum of work experience fuller.

Updated: September 11, 2018 — 2:03 pm

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