The Ultimate Guide to Survive in Your Career Path!

Want to be able to work?

Are you adapting to the work environment?

Confused to speak in front of coworkers when delivering their ideas?

Well, some of the above are a few examples of problems when looking for work or are in the world of work. Usually it is true, for fresh graduated who want to work in a job there are many stages that will definitely be done. After successfully going through the stages and being accepted for employment, there are still many more obstacles that will be encountered in the workplace.


Certainly not.

There are many things that can be faced if you want to face it. We here will always guard you so that someday, when faced with problems in the world of work.

For this reason, we here have prepared 4 chapters that can later be useful to guide you when you will or have entered the workforce. The 4 chapters on the world of work will have sub-chapters that contain problems and tips that you can do to achieve success. For that, we just start


Here, is there anyone who has the aspiration to be able to qualify for a company recruitment?

Simply put, is there anyone who wants to be accepted into a company?

If there is, of course you are here to be obliged to know about the basics of Interview.

Basically, interviewing is one of the things that must be known by anyone who wants to get away with the recruitment of new employees from a company. Almost all new employee acceptance from a company must have an interview stage to find out how the prospective employees of the new employee character.

Many consider interviewing to be just a stage of formality carried out by the company, so this is what makes many prospective employees underestimate and ultimately fail in the middle of the road.

Here, we will make an emphasis that interview is not a stage of formality and not a stage that must be feared. Therefore, in the guide on this interview we will guide all of you who want to master the stages and the flow of the interview to really understand and be able to go through the interview stages later.

There are 3 specific guidelines that must be understood by prospective employees who want to master the interview. For those of you who really still don’t know about the interview, you can follow these three guides in detail. For that, please begin to understand the guidelines regarding this interview from the first chapter and proceed to the next chapters.

What should be prepared before starting the interview.
Various examples of interview questions.
Tips and tricks for conducting English interviews.

“Why Do You Have to Go Through Interview Stages ?”

The most logical answer why every company makes an interview session at the end of the new stage of the recruitment stage is that the company really knows the character and nature of the prospective employees who want to be accepted. Therefore, the interview stage becomes a very important thing to do.

Not much is assessed from the questions in the interview stage. That is because at this stage of the interview, the questions given are more to the questions that trap or are actually questions that do not require many answers.

Maybe all of you often hear that many of the prospective employees fail just because they mistakenly respond to the question given by the questioner, even though the questions given are quite trivial. The reason why the prospective employee failed is actually quite simple, because he is too confident when answering or not polite in giving the answer.

Yes, of course, in this stage of the interview, what was seen from the company was not only the right or correct answer, but also the character, character, and courtesy of prospective employees.

For that reason, it is very clear that there is no reason why the stage of the interview must be done because the company is indeed getting qualified candidates and in accordance with predetermined criteria.

“Interviews are very important to learn because companies want to know more about the character of prospective employees.”
“Do I have to understand about the interview?”

Actually, all just lives back to you. If you want to be able to get a position in a company, the answer is: MUST. However, if you feel that you can make your own company or open your own business, then the answer is: NO, BUT IF YOU CAN.

We do not advise you not to understand what an interview is. In fact, we always try to give understanding to you that the interview is one of the important things to understand.

Yes, whether you tomorrow will be an employee, boss, senior officer, or CEO of a company, you should be able to understand what an interview is. Because the employee must know about the interview so that he can be accepted in a company. While the boss, senior officer, or CEO of course they must understand about the interview so they can get qualified employees.

It can never be imagined when a company in recruiting new employees does not make the interview stage in its recruitment. Indeed, understanding psychological tests or academic potential tests plays an important role in recruiting new employees. However, interviews also have an important role in remembering with interviews, the company can know about the profile, character, and nature of the actual prospective employees.

So, still hesitant to start understanding what an interview is and the stages in it? If you are sure, the three guidelines that we will provide will help you to really be able to interpret the word interview itself.

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