This is the Interviewer’s Way of Knowing You Are Lying on a Work Resume

Intending to exaggerate your CV or work resume so that it looks better in the eyes of the interviewer? You better think again.

Everyone must have the intention of beautifying the CV to be more attractive to the HRD manager. Whether it calls achievement or emphasizes how much responsibility is in the previous job, it might sound natural to you. But if the seasoning is too much, this can be a boomerang.

After all, if you get the job even though you don’t have expertise in the field, are you sure you will enjoy the job? That’s if your lies aren’t caught. Because during a job interview, the interviewer can find out what you wrote on the CV turned out to be a lie. How can?

Peek at social media

Many people forget that social media can be accessed by anyone. Even though you have installed privacy mode, you unconsciously receive friend requests from strangers to increase followers . And maybe he is an HRD manager or your future boss.

Through the posts that you make, they can read your character, what your interests are, and how you interact with others. It should be noted, the way you write posts also describes your intellect. For example, you claim to be a graduate but still write in upper and lower case letters or abbreviate excessively. The lawyer must have lost interest immediately. So use good and right language.

Check the truth of the reference

If you are experienced enough, the interviewer will usually ask for references from the old office to prove work experience. The interviewer will not bother calling your old office to prove that you really have worked there. This is because the company you are applying for has no power to do this.

But if you apply for a higher position, chances are the interviewer will check the truth of the reference. And if they find the information listed on the CV is different from reality, maybe you will not be called for the next stage.

Check competence

On the CV listed, you are good at operating Adobe Creative and are very skilled with Excel. If the job you are applying for does require that you have that quality, don’t be surprised if you are tested directly. Even though you have already attached a certificate, your expertise may decrease because it is rarely used. This is where the interviewer will test you.

Check through questions

The interview process can be stressful. Finally you stutter, sweat, and confuse answering questions from the interviewer. This opportunity is used by the interviewer to urge you. If your answer is convincing and does not match what is stated on the CV, you can be considered lying.

Looking for information about you from other people

If you are still working in the same industry (for example before you worked in magazine A, then applied to magazine B) chances are that people in this industry know each other quite large. And this method can be used by the interviewer to find out how your work history is in the old office. Even if you seem to find out your weaknesses subjectively and even gossip, it doesn’t mean that your contract cannot be canceled.

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Updated: September 1, 2018 — 1:43 pm

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