Tips for Becoming a Good Teacher to Be Preferred by Students

Being a teacher is a very noble task. A teacher whose job is to educate every student. However, the task of a teacher is not as easy as what is seen. Being a teacher must prepare everything related to the lessons that will be conveyed to students. The teaching and learning process itself is not an easy thing, it needs the right process so that what is conveyed by the teacher can be well received by students. Therefore, on this occasion, what we are discussing is about tips on being a good teacher to be liked by your students later.

These tips can be applied by those of you who are teachers in school. But if you are not a teacher in formal education institutions, that does not mean you cannot teach. Basically someone who mastered the science of opportunity teaches their knowledge to other people, for example at a tutoring institution, teaches their own children at home and so on. If you have not experienced teaching, you may lack confidence to be a good teacher. How to be a good teacher? Here are some simple tips that you can try to apply. Please refer to the information below.

Able to control conditions in class

There are many things that must be done by a teacher while in the classroom so that students always want to always participate and be active during the learning process. Controlling the conditions in the classroom is a tip to be a good teacher and liked by students that you need to master. Make the situation in the classroom always conducive so that all the material you want to convey can be easily accepted by your students. If there is a child who is noisy or playing in class then you have to reprimand the student. In this case later it will be a challenge for the teacher if students are difficult to regulate. The key is to make all students like you first and then the student will be happy to listen to you.

Understanding Every Personal Student

The next good teaching tips is to understand each student you face. The way you can do is to approach the children personally. You must know that every child has a different personality. To understand each person, sometimes you have to try to understand the mindset of children. Pay attention to each behavior even to the way the child communicates. From there you can know your students personally to make it easier to determine the most appropriate way to deal with the student’s behavior.

Using Supportive Learning Media

In addition to seeing from the point of view of students taught, you also have to use adequate teaching equipment. The equipment commonly used by a teacher is usually in the form of learning media. You can get media for learning from various kinds of materials or items that are around you. The purpose of using a learning medium is to make it easier for your students to understand the material you are teaching. Besides that, media can also make it easier for you to convey the material you want to convey. In essence, you are required to be a creative teacher if you talk about this learning media.

That is the Tips to Become a Good Teacher to Be Preferred by Your Students, which I can convey. May be useful.

Updated: August 6, 2018 — 12:58 pm

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