Tips for improving communication skills

effective communication skills are very important in supporting career advancement and also your personal life. This skill can also determine how well you can establish relationships with other people or develop a relationship. Here are some effective ways to improve communication skills, as reported by Livestrong.

Step 1

One way to build good communication skills with others is to establish good relationships as quickly as possible with them. Smile and use eye contact as a positive signal that you can send when you start a conversation. Make sure that other people feel that you are very happy to be able to talk to him. It’s important to know the hottest topics you can discuss with that person. For this reason, always update your information. If you have many topics that you can talk about, communication will run more easily.

Step 2

Speak clearly when you communicate with others. Try to avoid the habit of speaking in a voice too small or hoarse so that other people find it difficult to catch your point. The best way to practice it is to record your voice when speaking. Then listen to the results of the tape and decide what you should change from the way you talk.

Step 3

You can be a good communicator if you can talk casually. If you are nervous, you will talk quickly so that it is difficult to understand. You can also make other people feel uncomfortable because of your nervousness. Avoid bending your shoulders, displaying an anxious face or moving your other limbs while talking. The person you are talking to will know that you are nervous.

Step 4

You certainly don’t want other people to be bored when talking to you. You can make them interested by avoiding speaking in a monotonous voice. You can do a little variation and change the volume when you communicate.

Step 5

Remember, communication is a two-way process. You need to hear and understand what others are saying if you want to communicate effectively with them. Other people will also lose interest in talking to you, if you keep talking and never listen to them.

This is the best way to practice communication skills. You can train it if you feel less competent in this matter. Did you know that communication is not only important in careers, but also love relationships

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 11:41 am

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