Tips for Your Boss To Immediately Increase Your Position

As employees or subordinates who work in offices, there are times when you will feel bored. Saturation is caused by you having to do almost the same job every day. It doesn’t matter if it really becomes your passion. Such conditions are indeed not to blame. However, it would be far better if you had the ambition to get a comfortable position from your current position. How to? Of course with promotion. As far as possible should be able to make the boss fall in love. This is important so that soon your friends at the office will immediately promote you for promotion. There are five tips for you to do with the following goals of rising position without burden.

  1. Coming in on time, returning home after work is complete

Is arriving late still on the list of your habits in going to work? Whatever the reason, if you want to move up to work in a more varied office and increase your performance, immediately eliminate the habit. Come on time every time you go to work at the office. If your office hours are eight o’clock in the morning, leave an hour before. Especially if the distance between your office and residence is far away, take into account how many hours before you had to leave. Then when it comes time to go home from work, then make sure your work is complete. Try not to leave office work that should be completed that day. A little home late or needing overtime is certainly not a problem for you.

  1. Be a Critical Employee at Every Work Meeting

The fact that occurs when superiors hold meetings in the office is that employees feel lazy. There are also those who feel afraid because they feel that their boss will give a critique of their performance. Think positively about work meetings. The meeting was held to discuss various things that happened during this month or year. In the work meeting also will be discussed the progress in the future how to make the office even better. This is where you have to position yourself as a critical employee. Deliver brilliant ideas directly to your boss. Your idea is accepted or not, it’s a later matter. Most important in every work meeting, you show yourself as an employee who focuses and listens to everything discussed in the meeting. So that the boss will give a special assessment for you.

  1. Working with Professional and Organized

As employees, there are times when employers ask for lots of requests for you to do. There is no reason for you to refuse because the boss’s request is a mandatory task. However, be employees who can work with professionals. Complete old work first. Just continue to the next job. Record every job that is your duty in the office. These notes allow you to work more organized. You can also quickly solve it. So that your boss unknowingly finds out how you have worked so far. When your boss knows you are always working professionally and organized, it is very likely that you are labeled as an employee who deserves a promotion.

  1. Eliminate Selfishness among Fellow Employees in the Office

Not that you are focused on the goal of being able to rise without a burden, then you become a selfish employee. You only care about your obligations. You do not care about difficulties, help your fellow employees in the office. Just because the boss thinks you are the most prominent with achievement compared to other employees, does not mean that selfishness is embedded in you. Selfishness in the world of work can be a boomerang. Your heart means you want to look the best. However, because of this selfish nature, you are labeled as an employee who does not care about other employees. So if there are friends who ask for help, then help them as well as possible. Especially if your work is finished. With you helping them, someday you are in their position, then your employee friend will undoubtedly help too. The more shows the nature of caring for office employees, the greater the chance that employers will be aware that you are a decent employee who has the opportunity to rise.

  1. Want to Learn from Mistakes

If you work in the office, it does not mean that you will miss mistakes. However, should you already make a mistake, do not make the mistake as a habit. The mistakes you have made make it a lesson. Try not to make the same mistake. The trick is to work as well as possible and try to get achievements.

In addition to the five tips above, work honestly. Honesty will lead you to the ease of going up without a burden. So, are you ready to sit in a higher position in the near future?

Updated: September 3, 2018 — 12:31 pm

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