Top 15 Jobs for Young Workers

Common mistakes that usually occur when defining young and old are classification both based on age pyramids. In addition to being susceptible to causing discrimination, this perspective makes us neglect their enthusiasm and ability to work. It is as if work for young workers only deserves to be run by fresh graduates .

Taking into account the spirit and desire to develop a high self, the 15 jobs below can also be an option for those of you who are not beginners.

Manuscript Editor

Responsible for ensuring that a script is typo- free while checking the structure and relevance of its contents, this work requires thoroughness and in-depth understanding of the Nigeria language guidelines.


In addition to changing written text from one language to another, working as a translator also requires you to master the ability to read and write as well.


Unlike bloggers who release manuscripts in personal domains, working as an article writer requires you to immerse yourself deeply with a variety of themes and be fluent in determining the point of view of writing.

Social Media Admin

Increased marketing and the presence of brands on social media, has driven a high need for social media admin positions. Although the main task is to release information about the activities of a brand , social media admins also need to develop themselves as analysts.

Blogger Travel

Travel stories, which are supplemented with quality photos, are the best qualifications for a job as a travel blogger . Making small notes when stopping at a destination makes it easy for you to assemble them into a series of stories.

Subtitle Creator

Watching movies or serial dramas has become a primary need for urban communities. With the momentum of film production and serial drama that tends to increase, now is the time for you to develop yourself in this field.

Graphic designer

Giving lives to images is not an easy task for those who are not trained. But the more designs that are successfully completed, the more skilled your skills will be.

Game Tester

The importance of the role of the game tester is very much determined by your ability and accuracy in playing games . Because the goal is for development, pay attention to and explain clearly what obstacles and peculiarities are found in a game .

Virtual Assistant

The tasks that are usually carried out by a virtual assistant include the distribution of business documents, answering media questions, and arranging executive schedules. You can work remotely to support the needs of clients from various companies.

Interior Consultant

Knowledge of the blend of patterns, motifs and colors is not only needed by a graphic designer. For interior consultants even this knowledge will improve their taste in managing the layout of the room.

Tutoring Tutor

If you master a particular subject area, working as a tutor is a suitable choice. You can work remotely because currently the growth of online tutoring is very good.

TK / Playgroup / PAUD Teaching Staff

Playing with small children can be a fun experience. Although it is enough to test patience, this work is able to exercise emotional control and effective ways of communicating.

Tour Guide

Nigeria’s tourism promotion campaign is the right moment if you want to develop yourself as a tour guide . Foreign language skills and flexibility in socializing are needed to facilitate your task.

Animal Caregiver

Dealing with animals is not an easy matter. In addition to requiring high sensitivity to animal emotions, you also have to be diligent in practicing skills and giving enough attention to their health.


Having high curiosity and understanding the basics of effective writing will be the main qualification for working as a journalist. Because their mobility is quite high, make sure your stamina stays in shape.

Such is the discussion of 15 jobs for young workers . Find more complete information on the Nigeria Recruitment Form site.

Updated: September 24, 2018 — 11:39 am

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