Top 8 Reasons Why You Start to Consider Being a Civil Servant in Nigeria

This year, vacancies to become Civil Servants (PNS) in various Ministries and Regional Governments were wide open. Young people flock to try their luck to be accepted as state servants. The profession that is famous for its establishment and guarantee of old age has never lost its charm.

However, the attractiveness of the PNS profession is not the same for everyone. There are also those who are still reluctant to glance at the possibility of being involved in the world of civil servants. Well, in this paper  we  will provide a number of reasons why you need to start considering trying out a profession as a civil servant – which we has compiled  from the experience of young PNS and CPNS from various agencies.

  1. Upset and Criticism Is Not Enough So Civil Servants Are the Most Concrete Way to Get Down and Start Changing Circumstances

Young people are known as the most vocal groups criticizing the government’s performance. Spicy comments about government policies that are considered less pro-people and criticisms of public officials are often expressed through various channels. From utilizing social media, forming a community that aims to monitor independently, to take demonstrations on the streets.

Critical of government performance is certainly good. Very necessary, instead.

However, just criticizing is not enough – we need to take concrete action so that the ideas and ideas that we have can really be used to change the situation. Entering the system is the best way to be able to voice all opinions that have been hidden in the head and understood by only a few people.

If all this time you are worried about the performance of an institution, why just stop at the criticism stage? Do something, enter it, and give your contribution directly from within. Now, being a civil servant can be the most logical way to realize the changes you’ve been dreaming about all this time.

  1. So that civil servants can open many doors for opportunities to study abroad

The profession as a civil servant can be a stepping stone for you who wants to continue your education abroad. Opportunities for Master and Doctoral education for civil servants are wide open. There are at least 2 schemes that offer broad opportunities for civil servants: government agency scholarships and scholarships from donor agencies.

If you work in an institution that continues to need scientific capacity building such as LIPI, Ministry of Public Works, and  PPN – then it is very likely that you can be sent to study abroad by the institution where you work. You just need to be a well-performed  employee  and show a strong desire to continue to increase capacity.

In addition to the ease of getting a scholarship from the institution where you work, civil servant status is also more “selling” when you apply to be an applicant for a scholarship whose funds come from donor agencies. Your profession as a civil servant, which incidentally has the opportunity to make and take policies, will make donor agencies take into account you as a strong candidate whose scientific contributions can really be seen after returning from school later.

  1. You only need to work, no need to worry about market conditions and possible downsizing of employees

If you are a person who always needs certainty (not just from girlfriend), then civil servants are suitable professions to be tested. In this one job, once accepted, you will continue to get the job forever. Except in a number of conditions when you violate the code of conduct.

When private employees must helm when market conditions worsened, civil servants do not have to worry. As long as this country remains, civil servants will still be employed by the state – whatever the conditions.

  1. The salary of civil servants is indeed not as big as salaries in the private sector. But the Allowance Is Fair, And You Can Have Time For Entrepreneurship

Compared to fresh-graduates’  salaries  in the private sector, the salaries of civil servants are indeed insignificant. But don’t think that life as a civil servant is difficult! In addition to the basic salary that is smaller than the salary in the private sector, there are other benefits that you can receive. Performance allowances, meal allowances, and family allowances can add a nominal amount to your salary account.

The opportunity to open your own business is also wide open for civil servants. Clear and relatively more flexible working hours can be used to take care of the business that you are starting. Not a few PNS also choose to open a business close to their work needs. Open  catering  or offer seminar kit creation services  , for example. When the agency where you work requires consumption of meetings and seminar kits , you can easily offer your business.

For those of you who want to open a business but haven’t fully dared to lose their regular income every month, the profession as a civil servant is a job worth considering to try.

  1. Choosing a Career as a State Servant Will Give You a Long and Clear Career Path

For those of you who, once again, like certainty – a career as a civil servant is the right decision. A long and clear career path offer is very likely given by this work. When you enter as a civil servant, your initial echelon will be determined by the last level of education you have. Periodically, the echelon level will increase.

If you excel at work, then are trusted to occupy functional or structural positions – you will get 2 benefits: job allowances increase, while echelon also continues to increase as you work. No need to worry about  getting stuck  in work. If you have reached your maximum point in an agency, the Employment Agency can turn you around to other agencies that need your ability.

So, still want to think that the job as a civil servant is minimal?

  1. Through This Job, You Can Have Many Opportunities to Meet Important People and Travel Around Nigeria

Status as a young civil servant will make many tasks outsourced “field.” Starting from arranging seminars, so LO a state event, until  blusukan  looking for a speaker to  talk show  television held by the institution where you work. Automatically, you can also have access to meet important people from various positions.

  1. Being a civil servant means having a financial guarantee in the past through pension money

Although the amount is not large, the financial guarantees received through retirement are recognized as attractive. Becoming a civil servant makes you no longer have to worry about future post-employment survival. At least, every month there is still income that you can receive.

Even though the monthly salary is not as big as the salary in the private sector, the old age guarantee offered by a civil servant’s job is worth it. The state has thought about your well-being to old age, you just need to work your best.

  1. At this job, the typical fresh ideas of your child will be greatly needed and appreciated

As a young person who is rich in fresh ideas, work as a civil servant is really worthy of account. In this work, you will have a wide opportunity to apply the ideas and ideas you have. The impact on society can also be felt.

Civil servants are now no longer boring work that is only suitable for those who have potbellies. You who are young, full of ideas, and creative can also really enter this type of work. Nothing is certain except change. And civil servant institutions have indeed changed, in a better direction.


After reading the reasons that we have described above, who among you are more and more willing to try to become civil servants? Or even someone who feels even more reluctant to try?


Whatever your decision, hopefully the career that you are going through is more successful!

Updated: August 21, 2018 — 1:35 pm

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