Various Examples of Interview Questions

For each process of receiving new employees in a company, the stages that are definitely done are psychotest and interview. Sure enough, the two elements are determinants of whether prospective employees who register will be accepted at the company or not.

For psychological tests, there are already many books and examples of questions that will guide prospective employees to study. However, for job interviews, there are still a few people who provide this segmented lesson because many think that interviewing is merely a formality.

In fact, interviews are a critical part of the possibility of whether a prospective employee will be accepted or not. This interview has many kinds of questions in it, which each question has a specific purpose. Whether it’s a trap, or the intention to find out how personal a prospective employee is.

There are many kinds of questions, depending on the company HRD that determines. But clearly, the job interview questions should not be underestimated or answered with carelessness. All questions, describe how personal the prospective employee is. All of these questions will also determine how the prospective employee will live later.

In essence, the function of the interview is to understand the flexibility of the individual prospective employee, measure the competency of the socialization and communication of the prospective employee, and also to understand how the prospective employee’s profile matches the company.

So, can it still be said that the interview test is merely a formality process? No. You can’t totally underestimate this interview test. So, for that we are here to help provide learning about this interview test by giving various examples of interview questions that you should know.

Actually we have already written about sample interview questions in English here . But, because here we specialize sample interviews for local companies, then we will just give examples of interview questions in Indonesian.

No need to linger anymore, this is a number of examples of interview questions that you should know and you learn:

1. Why do you want to be able to work in this company?

Basically, anyone who has ever done a job interview must have heard this kind of question. The reason is, almost all companies use this question for job interviews to find out how the job applicant is.

So, to answer the question above, of course, is to answer honestly because you have a good attitude in working individually or on your own. In addition, also describe that you can be relied on and can contribute well to realizing the company’s vision and mission.

The key to answering this question is to avoid answers such as wanting a high salary or comparing it with a previous company, for example because it is not comfortable in the previous workplace, the boss is too often pressing in the former workplace, or other problems that you experience in workplace first.

Answer honestly and do not speak ill of other companies.

2. Why did you choose to leave your previous job?

This question is the second question that is often asked when job interviews. Yes, that’s right. This kind of interview question has the function of knowing the applicant’s track record in the previous company. In addition, of course there are other reasons behind the company’s HRD to ask questions like this.

To answer this question, the main key is not to describe the personal conflicts that have occurred to you in the previous company. That certainly will tarnish your track record and make the HRD of the company think twice and ask the question ‘What if what you experienced in the previous company, it turned out you were also here?’ Isn’t that question going to make you all wrong?

So, answer the question above with a realistic answer, like for example because you want to get a better position and match your qualifications. Not only there, also show that you also have a great desire to grow in the company you are applying for.

3. Tell something that describes yourself?

This question is usually the initial question asked by the company HRD when interviewing. Simply put, in addition to self-introduction, HRD companies want to see how you speak words and tell stories.

At this point, of course the above question can be decisive, whether the HRD who interviewed you feels interested in you or is just bored by hearing long-winded stories and poorly organized language.

So, as much as possible answer this question briefly but contain a description of your person. For example, by describing who your name is, which graduate you came from, where your work came from, and mention your motivation why you want to work in the company you are applying for.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages that you have?

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of prospective employees is of course the thing that must be heard by the HRD of a company. This is of course highly considered considering that every company, surely wants employees who are competent and have advantages that can help realize the vision and mission of the company itself.

Therefore, this kind of interview question will definitely be submitted by HRD when interviewing prospective employees. However, the thing that must be remembered is that the HRD of the company certainly cannot directly 100% believe in the answers of the prospective employees for this question, given that the prospective employee can make it up.

So, for job applicants who are being interviewed, it’s good for you to answer this question as honestly as possible. Explain what your strengths are in realizing the company’s vision and mission, also explain your weaknesses. Next, leave everything to the HRD who interviewed the work.

5. How far do you know about this company

In almost all job interviews, this question must be included in the interview question. The reason is quite simple, because the company HRD wants to know how much you want to be able to work in the company you are applying for.

The logic is that you can know clearly about the company’s history, company profile, company philosophy, and also the vision and mission of the company that you will apply for, it will certainly show the HRD that you are very excited to be able to work in the company because you have researched so deep about the company you are applying for.

The thing that must be noted is, do not ever compare the companies that you apply with other companies because it will make the HRD think negatively about you.

So, as much as possible emphasize what you know about the company you are applying for and also show the HRD that you are very interested in being able to work in the company.

6. How much time do you need to make a real contribution to us?

Every company certainly wants its employees to be able to make real contributions that will further advance the name of the company that is getting bigger. Therefore, it is not strange if in an interview, this kind of question must be submitted by the company HRD.

To answer such questions, answer as much as possible with realistic answers. Never, just because you want to be considered as an ambitious worker, then answer with hasty and unrealistic answers, such as with ‘One Day’ or ‘Two Days’ answers.


Because it’s certain, that can’t happen.

So what should I do?

Answer the question by telling the HRD of the company, that you will continue to strive to fulfill all expectations and challenges starting from the first day of work, and to contribute, you need approximately 6 months, because it is much more realistic.

7. If you are accepted to work here, how long will you survive?

Every company, if they already have good and qualified employees, of course they don’t want anyone to resign from the company. This is certainly reasonable because if someone leaves the company, the company will certainly find it difficult to find a replacement and will also spend a lot of money to do that stage.

Therefore, this kind of interview question is very possible to be questioned by HRD to prospective employees. The purpose of this question is none other than to know how the prospective employee is character.

Because this interview question is a trick question that is quite difficult to answer, then answer the question without mentioning a number, such as ’10 years’, ‘2 years’ or so. However, answer the question with an answer that tells the HRD that you will be interested in continuing a career with the company you are applying for, until you reach a common target.

Well, that is a variety of examples of interview questions that you should know if you want to apply for a job in a company. Of course what we have described above is only a small part, and there are many other questions such as:

  • Do you have a plan to continue your education for the future?
  • What is the meaning of work for you?
  • Do you have a good relationship with colleagues in the company for a long time and could you possibly have a good relationship here?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or work on a team?
  • Can you work under pressure?
  • What attitude do you show towards criticism addressed to you?
  • If your subordinates make mistakes, what will you do?
  • What is the most difficult obstacle you encounter when working in a company before?
  • Are you ready to accept greater responsibilities later?
  • How much salary do you expect for this position?

The main key for those of you who want to do a job interview is to answer all questions with confidence, honesty, and say your interest in working in the company that you will apply for. Next, try to dare to apply for a job.

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