40+List of visa free countries – Travel abroad without having visa

List of visa free countries?? No need to bother taking care of a physical visa at the embassy of the destination country is a very pleasant thing. Taking care of a visa requires a long and long time, it is possible before you travel, and your time and costs are drained of it. There are a number of countries that have imposed visa-free, meaning that you can travel or vacation to that place only by using your Nigerian  passport , which is very convenient. Read full article to know list of countries you can travel without having visa.

For some people, holidays are synonymous with travel. Moreover, it’s easy to access information, making travel no longer a hassle. Starting from the destination you want to go to, transportation, accommodation, culinary, to places that must be visited can be accessed easily both online and using the help of travel consultant services. Not only in the country, abroad is also a destination for spending holidays.

In contrast to traveling in the country, if overseas is the destination, there are several documents that need to be prepared before the trip begins. One of them is a passport, identical documents accompany trips with overseas destinations. Passport, is a mandatory document that is owned, to get out and enter from one country to another. All countries require a passport as an identity document that signifies visitor nationality, permission to arrive, visit, stay and so on.

Some countries also require other documents for each visitor who wants to vacation in his country, namely a visa. A visa is a proof of a visit that may be given to residents of a country if they enter the territory of another country that requires an entry permit. The visa is managed before departure through the destination country embassy or other institution that does have visa services. However, there is no need to worry because only certain countries require visas for visitors from Nigeria.

There are 40+ countries that do not require a visa as a mandatory document to visit, such as the following countries :

List of Visa Free Countries – Travel abroad without having visa from Nigeria

travel countries without visa

visa free countries

1. Vanuatu

2. Georgia

3. Mauritius

4. Barbados

5. Bangladesh

6. Comoros

7. Djibouti

8. Dominica

9. Fiji Island



11. Maldives

12. Mauritania

13. Micronesia

14. Seychelles

15. Palau


16. Samoa

17. Nauru

18. Sri Lanka

19. Timor-Leste

20. Togo

21. Tuvalu


22. Uganda

23. Republic of Benin

24. Burkina Faso

25. Burundi

26. Cameroon

27. Cape Verde

28. Chad

29. Cote d’Ivoire

30. Gambia

31. Ghana

32. Guinea


33. Haiti

34. Iran

35. Kenya

36. Liberia

37. Mali

38. Mozambique

39. Republic of Niger

40. Senegal

41. Sierra Leone

42. Somalia

43. Tanzania

In addition to documents and destination destinations that need to be targeted, there are a number of other things that also should not escape departure preparation, namely:

Transportation Ticket Reservations and Lodging

After determining the destination, another next thing to be prepared is transportation and lodging tickets. Determination of the selection can adjust the date and price that matches the holiday budget .

Travel insurance

For some people, the trip will feel safe when accompanied by travel insurance. Travel insurance can be prepared before departure either with online or offline registration mechanisms . The variety of insurance that can be chosen can be checked here .

Know the Destination Country and Create Travel Details

Clear information is no longer difficult to obtain. It’s good to prepare all the detailed information about the destination country before the day of departure. Basic information such as interesting destinations to visit, culinary, and other entertainment things. Don’t forget to look for an emergency number that can be contacted to keep something difficult.

Exchange the Currency Used in the Destination Country

The difference in the currencies used also needs to be overcome in preparation for bringing the currencies of the destination country from the moment of arrival. Although now payment for this type of card can also be relied upon to be used in various countries but there is no harm in making money in cash with the currency used in the destination country.

Learn about the Transportation Model in the Destination Country

Different transportation models in each country need to be things that must be learned. An understanding of existing transportation will facilitate the desire to surround the destination country. Understand how to pay for transportation, routes, schedules and so on.

Selection of Items

Carrying excessive items will certainly make the journey hampered. It is better to select items to be carried out by adjusting the climate, weather and other needs. Prioritize reducing valuables.

Prepare English or Country of Destination (Basic Conversation)

Language differences will also be the dynamics of travel abroad. Learning a bit of the basic language of the local destination will make it easier for visitors to talk with local residents. If local language is considered too difficult, at least modify yourself with basic conversations in English which is an international language.

Have a good vacation!

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