What Happens when Working According to Passion?

The name of life needs seems to have no mercy. The more days the greater the need for life. As if life doesn’t allow us to laze around. Well, the way to meet the needs of life is to work.

In working, there are indeed those who are not lucky, get a job not in accordance with passion . However, not a few also work according to passion. You can directly get a job according to passion, or you can also resign first from your old job and then work according to passion.

Can work be in line with the department when you study it can be said as a job according to passion? Not necessarily. There are also many people whose college majors are but other jobs. However, the job is in accordance with his passion.

And many people also choose college majors that don’t suit their interests. He has passion for drawing but he studied mathematics. Until not infrequently many students are stressed out during lectures. Especially when composing a thesis.

So, a job in accordance with passion does not mean that it is in accordance with the department when studying. But work that suits our interests. We do things happily. We feel happy when working on it, there is no perceived burden, and when we get a failure, the feeling of wanting to learn from the failure gets bigger.

When Working In Accordance with Passion

Now, there are some fun when working according to passion, namely:

1. Working doesn’t feel like a burden

Because the job is in accordance with our passion, interests and talents, so working doesn’t burden. We only like to do work. It feels that if you don’t work, there are those that are lacking. Want to work, work, and work.

So, working hard is no longer a compulsion, but a necessity. If you don’t work, you want it to work. Indeed, many people because of his love for work, he sacrificed his vacation time.

Because work doesn’t burden, stress is not so great. Thus, it feels like life is so beautiful. Life without stress is very rare. Work is one of the stress factors. If work is rarely stressful, then one trigger factor has fallen.

So it’s no wonder we meet some people, even though it looks economic, it’s really hard. However, because he works in accordance with passion, it makes him really happy. In fact, it looks happier than successful business people.

2. Happy to learn new things to support the work

Is it easy to learn while working? Very difficult. However, for those who work according to passion, they are not difficult. They realize that if they don’t learn, they won’t develop.

In the world of work, a lot of new knowledge must be learned. Even a lot of knowledge must be learned, and that knowledge has never been taught in schools, for example communication science.

If you work not according to passion, aka working with compulsion, we become lazy to learn new things. Learning for work is just lazy to ask for forgiveness, let alone learn new things.

3. When failing is not so disappointed

The names fail, there must be disappointments, but sometimes, disappointments actually spur us to be better. For people who work not according to passion, sometimes failure for him is a frightening specter or he or she may not care about failure.

But for people who work according to passion, he is disappointed when he fails. However, he did not dissolve in disappointment. He quickly got up, learned new things. Trying to find fault why he failed, and trying to fix it.

Sometimes there are people, when he fails he looks ordinary, just the one who is happy. Yes, there are two possibilities. If his work doesn’t match his passion, maybe he doesn’t care about that failure. That happy expression is just a glimpse without leaving meaning. However, for those who work according to passion, it is a symbol that he finds new lessons. That he had found the fault of his failure and rose again.

4. Slowly but surely he will get success

Yes, success is rarely instant. Only a few people are capable of instant success. However, the success gained instantly will not last long. Fast quick success too.

Never say people who work according to passion are not successful, they are successful. But that is it, most of their success is slow but sure. Oh yes, success here is not just property and position. The pleasure of heart when completing work can also be called success.

Because of what? Because the things that money cannot buy is pleasure.

Even so, Many obstacles are faced

Working according to passion does not mean there are no obstacles. Although working according to the heart, there are still obstacles that await. And that obstacle will later make us grow.

For example, our passion is to make computer programs. The first obstacle is of course whether the program works well or not. Then the next obstacle is whether the program is accepted by the client or not. Starting with the name competition. Not only computing skills are needed, but other skills are also needed such as communication.

Then does the program have a significant influence on the community, or is the program just a program without meaning for the community? The next obstacle, does the program continue for a few years later?

These obstacles certainly make us stressful. However, because working with the heart, stress is meaningless when it gets the pleasure of our hard work.


Indeed there are many advantages if working according to passion. However, not everyone can work like that. Maybe most of us work not according to passion. Work is like being forced.

So, if you work not according to passion, do you have to leave? Many considerations must be considered. Especially if it is associated with life needs. The need for life is not concerned with our work, whether it is passionate or not.

Before deciding on a big decision, you should think carefully first. And … don’t forget to ask for guidance from God Almighty.

Updated: August 17, 2018 — 2:08 pm

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