What Is the Company Prioritized When Recruiting Employees?

Every job seeker must want to be accepted in a dream company. To achieve this, need the best strategy. One of them is by knowing the criteria that are prioritized when recruiting employees .

In addition to academic scores or GPA, some of the following things are often considered by the company’s HRD team. Anything? Let’s find out here!

Job Applicants’ expertise

At present, many companies are looking for prospective employees who have certain skills. For example, corporations in technology often recruit employees with the expertise to operate computers. Government agencies also began to implement this in their qualifications.

Therefore, you must hone skills before entering the workforce. For example, during college attending various computer training. However, look for training that provides certificates for participants. Usually, the company requests the document as proof.

Background of the Scientific Field

Regardless of the expertise that is owned, the company often recruits employees with backgrounds according to the field of work. For example, companies need financial staff, meaning applicants must come from accounting or economics majors. This criterion is also used by educational institutions in selecting teachers or lecturers. For example, microeconomics courses must be taught by teachers with a Bachelor of Economics degree.

Personality of Job Applicants

The HRD ( Human Resource Development ) team has many strategies to assess one’s personality. One of them during a job interview. Starting from the attitude, style of language, to the way you respond to the problem does not escape assessment.

Honest and loyal are the personalities that prospective employees must have. Because the HRD team often prioritizes these characters compared to academic values. No matter how high the academic value, will not be chosen if the character is bad.

Motivation and Ambition

Every company has certain work standards to achieve its goals. Therefore, they are looking for prospective employees who are able to do the tasks well, are not easily stressed, and are strong in facing pressure. However, there is a time when someone’s spirit starts to decline. This is when motivation and ambition are needed.

Motivation is a natural drive from within a person. Thus, he became strong, strong, and never gave up. Meanwhile, ambition is defined as the desire to achieve something. You can have ambitions, but not ambitious. Because the ambitious nature can plunge into evil.

Creativity and Leadership

Creativity and leadership are two interrelated things. Leadership without creativity will die. The leader can lose initiation in solving problems. So is creativity; will not be channeled to the maximum without the lead character.

Commitment to the Company

Commitment is more valuable than expertise, intelligence, and achievement. Because the commitment shows how much a person is responsible. If a prospective employee has a high commitment, he always does the work well. Do not care, like or hate the job.

Experience in the Field

Some companies often insert a 1-5 year qualification experience for certain positions. Therefore, while still young, seek as much experience as possible. Try the experience according to the targeted work area. Later, this is what brings you luck, such as being accepted into a large company.

Academic Achievement in Schools or Universities

Even though academic values ​​are in the last order, that does not mean ignoring them. Possibly, this achievement saved when the job application was almost rejected by the company. For example, you apply for an agricultural corporation with a good experience. At that time, other people with similar qualifications also registered. Because you have a higher GPA, you are accepted.

Those are some of the criteria that are prioritized when recruiting employees . If you want to get complete information about the world of work, you can visit the Jobs Indonesia site. In order to get the latest job openings, download the Indonesian Jobs application to your smartphone .

Updated: September 14, 2018 — 2:36 pm

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