Answering Strategy “Why Are You Interested in this Job?

A common but quite tricky question during the job interview process and every job applicant should be ready to answer this question. The question is “Why do you want this job? (Why did you choose this job?)

Everyone certainly has a variety of reasons in deciding to choose a job. However, what matters is whether the reason is right to get you recruited by the company. Here are some approaches that can be your reference in answering the question.

  1. Describe the position you are applying in line with your future career plan

One of the best ways to show that you are right for the job is to let them know how that work relates to your future career goals. This will give the impression that you are someone who wants to learn and grow in the position offered. Show the impression that if your company hires you, it can provide mutual benefits for yourself as well as the company.

For example

“My main goal is to become an editor of a lifestyle magazine. I realize that as a fresh graduate, to be able to achieve it requires a long journey, but I want to start at the right place. Therefore, I was immediately interested when I saw a vacancy as an Assistant Editor. I hope that the skills I get from this company can help me get closer to my dreams. ”

  1. Tell about your passion and hobbies, show their relevance to the job you are applying for.

Sample answer: (When you apply for a job at a restaurant) “I grew up in a family that has the best chef. It is a passion that I have remembered so well. Eat and prepare food that can give me happiness, therefore I am immediately interested in taking the opportunity and applying for this job. I am very happy to join as a chef in this restaurant.

One of the other ways you can use to attract the attention of the interviewer is to express your enthusiasm for the job based on your interests. Recruiters want people who will enjoy their role. Therefore, show them as if it is the thing you want to do no matter whether you get paid or not.

  1. Show enthusiasm to be part of the company

An example of an answer to a job application in product development: “I’ve been a fan of service applications from your company since it was launched in 2007. Your service outperforms the existing music streaming website by displaying rare works of artists that are not available in other site collections. As a music lover, I am very impressed with how you choose music. This is what makes me interested when I hear that your company opens job opportunities for the follower to be part of your company’s development team. I have some ideas that can make a better impression for users of this site. ”

Compliments can sometimes drop you in job hunting. However, when the praise is done sincerely, it can increase your chances in taking the offered role. Again, this is one way of conveying your interest and enthusiasm sought by the company. Through this approach, you will look better than someone who only works for money, or worse yet, a candidate who does not know what the company is doing.

  1. Show that the company’s values ​​and mission are the same as yours

One example of an answer for a career position in the field of Human Resources / recruitment, for example. “When doing company research, I discovered that one of your company’s visions is to improve the lives of others by providing them with the best careers. This is what calls me to be a part of it. I believe that our country needs a better place for its citizens. Through this role, I can be part of this precious mission. ”

An individual wants to be with others who can share the same goals and vision. If you are lucky to find a company that has the same purpose and vision, make the most of it to get you to the forefront of competence. Recruiters want to see you as a partner to realize the company’s goals. By researching the company you are applying for, you have the opportunity to discover that one of their values ​​reflects your vision.

Keep in mind that each interview scenario has its own uniqueness, and you need to be flexible in using the approach you choose to deal with the interview itself at any time. You can combine those approaches to help you emphasize your best point. Do not forget, practice with friends you trust to make natural-looking answers during interviews.

Updated: August 3, 2018 — 2:14 pm

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